Top ten moments of 2011:

#10: My trip to the Brave New Voices Poetry Slam Festival hosted by Youth Speaks in San Francisco. It was so amazing. I was surrounded by over 600 poets and artists, and I found myself there. It was also wicked exciting to perform on final stage in front of 3,000 people! Team Lowell Massachusetts 2011 set the standards for being yourself. Just embrace your awkward swag! Oh yeah! One of my coaches, Ricky, and I were featured on a flyer for Youth Speaks!

#9: Meeting so many beautiful people at once makes it kinda impossible to not fall in love with someone. I fell in love with a boy named Henry. He loves boys. *heart shatter*

Although this crush ended under a monster truck collision, Henry made me realize how beautiful people can be. He definitely inspired me to become a much more careful person. Thank you Mr. Luke.

#8: Realizing who my real friends are. My friends forever.

#7: My hair is different every day. I mean, I part it and style it whichever way I feel. I believe that I've grown to embrace my crazy, free spirited personality by showing it through my hair! Or what my best friend calls it: my lion's mane. I've gone through different hair styles this year. I think I'll stick with my middle part.

#6: Getting my license. And my very first car (Valerie) the next week. And landing a job the next week after that. Accomplishment!

#5: Having the car break down on a random New Hampshire highway while on our way to our first slam of the season. Because we ran out of a gas half a mile before the exit. And then it died. And we were stuck in the cold for two hours. But it was amazing because I had Lily (my ukulele) and the best poets/people I know. Wouldn't have loved it if it wasn't for the warmth of friendship.

#4: Dating one of my childhood friends. I've known Jasper for about 6 years now. He's really one of my best friends. We've seen each other grow into the artists we are today. We are both local artists, he's a musician and I'm a poet, but who would've thought that we'd ever date? And stay strong. We've  been together for about five months now. It's been a fun journey so far. Whatever happens will happen but I know for a fact that we will both strongly support each other's goals.

#3: Being crowned the 2011 homecoming queen. And being the first band geek to be crowned. I ran because I wanted people to realize that you don't need to play the "pretty game" to get anywhere in life. You can simply be yourself and everyone will love you! Well, only if you believe in yourself. Accept your flaws and flaunt them in ways you didn't think was possible.

#2: My 18th birthday. My sister got me the best balloons and daisies and everything. It was truly special. She is such an amazing soul. She is so beautiful.

#1: Being the youngest person to be published in the Young Angels Midnight Anthology published by Bootstrap Press. Signing books, meeting other artists, getting my work out there....It feels so amazing. I am so blessed to have my hard work recognized. A lot of good has come out of this publication. Earlier tonight, I got an email from Derek Fenner, one of the editors, offering me an opportunity to perform for the mayor-elect's inauguration next Tuesday. This means the world to me. Towards the end of the message, it says, "You were are first choice as we believe that you represent the creativity and inspiration for the future generations of Lowell.

I'm not sure where I'll end up in 2012, but I know that my dreams and passion will never die.

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